The main advantage of Basemaster

Nowadays, online database service providers make it very easy to manage data and to obtain refined information from that data. You can easily create online database as the evolution of online database made it very easy for businesses to store, access, update, and manage every type and size of data in a very convenient and easy way. In such type of database, internet server is used to store the entire information. The data is stored in a very systematic way in a tabular format so that it can be easily accessed by multiple users. One of the main advantages to build own database is that you can resume your office work from any corner of the world, without having to attend your office.

Online database allows you to have different access levels which provide visibility to different people. Means you can hide a certain row or column from a particular employee of your company so that you can maintain the overall security of your information. The online database allows you to create mailing templates to fasten your business process and help you create simple text messages, or different writing in HTML format using the visual editor provided with the database. In each letter, you can insert images and attach any files.

Using Basemaster you can now store your information on trusted servers. The online database software is very flexible and the main advantage lies in the fact that it is a complete platform that allows you to create and customize the configuration for various businesses. Our solution makes it possible for every person, even one not familiar with programming, to develop and implement his own business automation solution. That's why our clients are in different industries: Automobile business, Building Construction & Real Estate, Certification & Licensing, Education, Financial Service, Government and Public Sector, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Industry, Industrial Equipment, Insurance, IT & Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Media, Retail & Consumer, Shipping & Transport...

So Basemaster program has intuitive user-friendly interface and flexible wizard that help us to be always a step ahead of our competitors. Using this wizard you can easily and without any programming and all that stuff create tables, fields, reminders and filters as well as access groups, templates (PDF, RTF, ODT, HTML) and many other things. The majority of products offered by our competitors feature functions with the help of which you can only add extra fields in tables, for example. We offer you a new solution. Using our program, you can create any table you need and add fields of 8 different types (text, number, list, link, data, file, image, user, etc.) That is why you can always develop Basemaster along with your business.

We need to say that basic version of the program always includes standard configuration. In other words, we are talking about universal settings that are not adapted to a specific business, which makes them convenient to get started in most companies.


Standard Configuration Capabilities:

✔ Customers tracking and sales tracking;

✔ Commercial proposals distribution;

✔ Creation of general documents, expense tracking;

✔ Order taking;

✔ Staff tracking, tasks description;

✔ Generation of standard reports;

✔ Built-in chat;

✔ Complete users' actions log;

✔ Backup system;

✔ Data import/export (including scheduled import and export);

✔ Color string formatting;

✔ Reminders;

✔ and a lot more.


Using Basemaster you can create the personal configuration for your business or we can do it for you!

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