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    Table Designer

    The most important feature of the program is the ability to create the necessary tables and edit existing ones. Thus, you cannot change yourself for a hard-coded by the developer of the program structure, and develop their own, more convenient for you. As shown, this approach can significantly increase the percentage of successful implementations of the program in the company.

    Create the table quickly and easily by using the built-in Set Design. Tables appear in the program immediately, and the Administrator has full access to them, and for other groups’ access to personally appointed. Table Designer supports a number of field types: text, number, date and time, a list, communications, file, image, and others.

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    Differentiation of access

    One of the most important aspects of any base is the distribution of the company's employee’s access to certain data.
    The program allows you to create different access groups whereby you distribute your staff to their respective groups (administrator, director, manager and accounting).

    In any table, you can assign rights to view and edit up to each field. For example, the director sees all the fields in the Customers’ table and the group managers only part of them. Accounting can edit the fields of payment, and managers - no.
    In addition to the rights to view and edit each group can be given privileges to add or delete rows.

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    Conducting Mailings

    Mailing templates is the most important thing. Using templates, you can add to your writing any data from your tables, thus making your mailing personal and full of important information designed for each individual recipient. Deliveries can be made for any table in the system.

    You can create simple text messages, or create vivid writing in HTML format using the visual editor. In each letter, you can insert images and attach any files. The program supports sending via SSL, which is possible to make delivery, for example, through mailboxes GMAIL.

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    Generation of documents

    Generate documents faster business processes in the company, reduces errors in filling them out and organize their storage and access to all company employees. Instantly send documents generated by e-mail to your customers.

    Make your document online or download a predesigned template. You can develop from scratch the desired shape, or create a template in a text editor (MS Office, Open Office, etc.). The program supports the formats: HTML, RTF, ODT and DOCX. In the near future connection of PDF will be introduced.

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    Reports (or views) are textual pages that display data from tables, and free form. The program allows you to generate online reports based on data from any table. For example, you can see how many calls were made in a particular day by a manager, or how many applications were accepted.

    You can create any reports using the programming language PHP. Assign a full or partial access to certain employees of your company. With the help of ideas you can implement any report, a desk calendar, forum, bar code reader and so on. Moreover, these representations can support the Ajax technology that updates the data on a page without a re-load.

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    Another important feature of the program is the ability to integrate with the site. Forms integrate with your site and get your application directly to the base. Create all kinds of forms from the tables that exist in the system. Conduct survey on its website for any of the tables (customers, employees, orders, and so on) and, thus, you can easily get the right information for you by  simply inserting the generated code into any place on your site.

    To the user, fields in which surveys can be carried out have no restrictions. You choose which fields will be displayed in a form and name them accordingly. You’re also presented with formatting capabilities whereby you can select text fields and headers, change the font color and size and so on. You can set your own image for the button or completely change the style of the questionnaire with an editor CSS.


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