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Top 20 questions about Basemaster

1. What is the designer program?
2. What is the maximum number of messages per hour that can be sent in the mail settings?
3. Could I change my rate plan in the future?
4. How long should I wait for account activation after payment?
5. Can I change or add tables, fields, reports without your help?
6. How do you protect my data?
7. Can I provide different data access to different workers?
8. Could I hide your copyright at the bottom?
9. How do I renew my account?
10. I am a broker and I need CRM for automatic selection of the optimal credit program for clients. Could BaseMaster help me?
11. After payment of the account, is all the data I entered saved?
12. Part of the record was lost after restoring a backup, what can be done?
13. What are the possible payment options?
14. Can I import my customer base to your program?
15. Can I use my own colors in my account?
16. Could I synchronize my account with my website?
17. My account was blocked a few weeks ago, can I get my data?
18. I have lost/forgotten my login details. How can I request these?
19. Are there any special discounts or discounts if I pay upfront?
20. How many records could I save in my account? Our company has a huge client base.

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