We thought that everything could be done in Excel. Basically the way it is, but the time costs for work in Excel is much higher when working in your program. Convenient system settings, and almost endless opportunities ... did this program a vital tool in our work.

Alexander Pitkis, CEO in CSB Inc.

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  • Create client database and automate your business

    You can use Basemaster to create client database and get concise solutions to solve all sorts of information management challenges. Whether you want to manage your database, manage contacts, process sales orders, send emails, track projects or something else, Basemaster can meet your all requirements and make your business grow successfully.

    Apart from basic features, the database application also have special or advanced feature such as table designer, integration with sites, reports, faster document processing, conducting mails and many more. To cut a long story short, this software is the one stop source that helps you in running your business effectively. If you wish to create client database for your business and want to get advantages of this software to manage all your business tasks, then there are some reliable and trusted at the online database platforms available that offer this application for your business. The online database software is very flexible and anyone can easily use to tailor as per his/her needs. Users can easily customize databases by themselves or can ask for the technical support of the specialists at the online database platform. 

    Basemaster is considered as the easiest way to build own database online and make data more mobile and accessible. You can use eight types of fields to create your own tables and edit existing ones. You can refine the database over the web as you work and collaborate with your team easily.

    Basemaster allows you to build meaningful reports for your business and acts as a central location for all of your critical business information. It can help you reduce data entry time and access all the information instantly in one place. The online database software solution offered by us is very flexible, so anyone can easily use for tailoring it according to his/her needs. Users can easily customize databases by themselves or can even ask for our technical support to do it.

    In the figure below you can see how looks the "Clients" table in our online database.


    Our mission is to empower you to manage the most of your data by easily creating online database that can contribute in the overall performance of your business. We develop long lasting relations with our clients by providing them the excellent and reliable services within their budget.

Create unified data base of clients, invoices, orders, tasks and other info. You don’t have a business-specific table?

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